The Land of the Lost Socks

An English Version of

Au pays des bas perdus

A magical place where Lost Socks go in the hope of reuniting with their halves!
A very colorful and funny tale with music and in which children participate.
Synopsys : Queen Lily Hosiery cannot be found. King Alexander Slipper searched everywhere and he is now so sad that he has lost his smile! Fortunately, a Grand Ball takes place at the castle bringing back hope and joy and more to come! Storytelling with songs and the children's participation, available in both in English or bilingual.

Story and illustrations by Lorraine David.

A short video of the show (in French)

École du Ruisselet, Ville de Lorraine

Festival des Montgolfières de Gatineau

Musée de l'aviation et de l'espace du Canada

Salle polyvalente de la gare, Municipalité de Piedmont

Ville de Sainte-Agathe

Technical Information for "The Land of the Lost Socks"

Audiences : → Schools – Kindergarten, Grades 1 and 2
→ Daycare - groups 2 years & up
→ Libraries - Families with children 2 to 8 years
→ Events - Families with children 2 to 8 years
Turnkey formula : We provide sound system, microphones and lighting as needed.
Show duration : 45 minutes
Setup time : 60-90 minutes
Dismantling time : 30-45 minutes
Technical requirements : The stage size is determined by the size of your premises. Our props are adaptable to your space. Details will be provided during our exchanges.
Electricity : A 120 volt outlet near the stage and optionally two 120 volts outlets for lighting.
Venue : Indoor or outdoor show.