Woolly the Little Christmas Stocking

An English Version of

Trico le petit bas de Noël

December is here. Elves are busy recruiting Santa's official Christmas Stockings: those that he distribute itself into homes. A small lost sock called Woolly hopes with all his heart to be chosen.
Will he succeed to overcome his fears this year? The story will tell ...
A colorful tale with Holidays music! Available in English or bilingual.

Story and illustrations by Lorraine David

A short video of the show (in French)

Sugar shack Lalande - Saint-Eustache

CPE Les Croquignoles 1, Blainville

Rina-Lasnier Library, Joliette

Rina-Lasnier Library, Joliette

CPE Les Croquignoles 2, Blainville

Technical Information for "Woolly the Little Christmas Stocking"

Audiences : → Schools – Kindergarten, Grades 1 and 2
→ Daycare - groups 2 years & up
→ Libraries - Families with children 2 to 8 years
→ Events - Families with children 2 to 10 years
Turnkey formula : We provide sound system, microphones and lighting as needed.
Show duration : 45 minutes
Setup time : 60-90 minutes
Dismantling time : 30-45 minutes
Technical requirements : The stage size is determined by the size of your premises. Our props are adaptable to your space. Details will be provided during our exchanges.
Electricity : A 120 volt outlet near the stage and optionally two 120 volts outlets for lighting.
Venue : Indoor or outdoor show.